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Being aware

With the growing worldwide concern of the welfare of the planet, we are concious of the way we operate to ensure we have as little impact as possible upon our environment. 




Unlike aluminium or UPVC windows, doors and conservatories, which require extraction from their raw material, the Oak we use to manufacture our joinery has had a lifetime of preserving the environment making our products carbon neutral.


In the workshop, all our wastage is reused such as the sawdust and offcuts. 


Our vehicles are chosen considering fuel efficiency a priority.




With the correct maintainence treatment, the lifespan of our joinery could be 25??? years or more, far longer than UPVC or Aluminium alternatives. 


Unlike UPVC and Aluminium alternatives, wooden joinery is far easier to repair increase their lifespan further.


Our staircases and bespoke pieces are made for life. With our manufacuring methods, choice of joints, finish and material choice, we are confident that our products will not fail at anytime in the near future.



Upon reaching a point where our products have to be replaced, the materials we used to make them are either degradeable, such as any timber used, or recyclable such as the aluminium used on rooflights. 


The finishes we use 

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