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Don't compromise. 


Conventional design won't suffice.

Complete your bespoke package.

Bespoke Oak Bar, Llanidloes
Bespoke Oak Bar, Llanidloes
Bespoke Reception Desk
Bespoke Walnut Bookcase

The possibilities are endless in what bespoke piece we can design and manufacture for you. Be assured that quality and attention to detail will be consistent throughout your piece, as it has been in every bespoke piece we have created in the last 15 years.


We can work with you to design your perfect bespoke piece, provide you with a number of designs for you to consider or we can work with other designers you have used to create your bespoke piece. We aim to be flexible in the process so that the end product is your perfect bespoke piece. 


Establishing a personal connection with you, the client, is important to us at this stage since it will help us provide you with a bespoke piece which meets your requirements, is above and beyond what you expected and a piece that is far from conventional. 

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